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CoolSculpting – A revolutionary way to wave goodbye to unwanted fat!

Here at Trifecta Med Spa in Manhattan New York, we now offer the revolutionary and popular CoolSculpting treatment. CoolSculpting helps to minimize belly fat or lose your love handles without surgery.
CoolSculpting – A non-surgical and natural way to minimize stubborn fat. CoolSculpting is a fat freezing form of technology, FDA cleared, and used as a safe and effective alternative to liposuction. Using CoolSculpting, unwanted fat is effectively frozen, killing the cells. No surgeon’s knife needed! The result? A slimmer-looking you!

The advantages of CoolSculpting

Higher Fat reduction for suitable candidates.
No surgeon’s knife
No anesthesia required
No discomfort
No downtime
No scarring
"The mission of Trifecta Med Spa is to offer the highest quality service to our clients by our professionals, through state of the art cosmetic treatments and technology."

- Dr. Edward Fruitman, M.D.

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Downtown NYC

115 Broadway, Suite 1305, Manhattan, NY 10006


Central Park South NYC

200 West 57 Street, Suite 1107, New York, NY 10019



Hewlett Long Island

1453 Broadway, Hewlett, NY 11557



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* The testimonials at Trifecta Med Spa NYC are actual patients who have completed one of our Programs. Results may vary based on each patient’s physical health, diet and exercise, and adherence to the program. Read our Disclaimer for more information.

Discount of 20% on purchase of 2 areas
CoolSculpting is recommended to treat bulges in the belly, love handles, upper and lower back, and male breasts (gynecomastia treatment).

Who can benefit from CoolSculpting?

If you are within 15-20 pounds of your ideal weight, healthy, and have small pockets of diet and exercise resistant fat which you want to minimizes, this is potentially a treatment for you.

Cost of CoolSculpting at Trifecta Med Spa in NYC

The cost of treatment corresponds directly to the amount of treatment desired. Trifecta Med Spa NYC complimentary CoolSculpting consultation comes with a customized treatment plan. Treatments are charged based on the number of applicator placements. Most applicators cost $750 per placement, and are on the body for one hour of computer-controlled cooling, followed by a two-minute massage.

Which areas work best with CoolSculpting?

Trifecta Med Spa is offering Dual-Sculpting in Manhattan NY!

TWICE as COOL at ½ the time!! Introducing the Dual Sculpting at Trifecta Med Spa!

The old saying- “two is better than one” has a brand new meaning at Trifecta Med Spa and assures this statement comes true with the addition of a second CoolSculpting machine. We are now one of a few practices in the United States and New York to offer our customers not just one CoolSculpting machine, but two for Dual-COOL treatments!

Until now, if you were looking to minimizes unwanted fat on the flanks, you would have to get treatment one side at a time. Now we can treat both sides at once to reduce your total treatment time. By performing DualSculpting procedures, we can deliver shorter procedure times for each patient and a much more flexible treatment schedule. 

Call Today (800) 757-4026 to schedule your complimentary CoolSculpting consultation and ask about CoolSculpting deals.

Love what you see with our new non-invasive Coolsculpting treatment to reduce fat under the chin and contour the neck.

The #1 non invasive fat reduction treatment can now treat under the chin

Requires no needles, surgery or downtime

The CoolSculpting procedure minimizes stubborn fat safely and effectively, without surgery or downtime. This fat reduction treatment is the only FDA-cleared procedure to use controlled cooling. It is safely targeted to minimizes diet and exercise-resistant fat.

Trifecta Med Spa is now offering NEW treatment to minimize your double chin!

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

A protective gel is applied to the area you want treated, and then the CoolSculpting device is applied, using a combination of gentle vacuum pressure and deep cooling, which treats the fat in the way we just talked about it. You won’t feel a thing and you can easily sit reading a magazine or watching a movie whilst the technology works its magic.

You may feel a little numbness during the treatment, and afterwards the area may be slightly red, but this will usually fade within a few hours. The treatment generally takes about an hour per area.*

You will like what you see. In the weeks and months following your procedure, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells.*

* Disclaimer: Results may vary with each patient, the above is based on our results with a past patient.

What results can I expect?

* Disclaimer: Results may vary with each patient, the above is based on our results with a past patient.

Actual CoolSculpting patient at Trifecta Med Spa

At Trifecta Med Spa we use CoolSculpting NYC to treat the waist, hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms, back, flanks, “love handles,” and a “muffin top”, making it a good choice for those stubborn, smaller areas of fat that haven’t responded to diet or exercise. The treatment has been shown to remove effectively fat in the area you choose to target. The only downside is that where liposuction can be used to treat larger areas, CoolSculpting is more about smaller sections.

You will begin to notice results in the weeks following your procedure, and many patients find they benefit from a few treatments spaced out over a few months, however every person is different, so this will be discussed with you at your consultation, to identify the best treatment plan for you.

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The testimonials at Trifecta Med Spa NYC are actual patients who have completed one of our Programs.
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